WWMW Ep. 7 : How To Stay Motivated


One of the most common questions I get after I tell someone about what I'm working on is, "How do you stay so motivated to do all that?" My honest answer is, I don't!
When my alarms go off at 5:30 am, I am certainly not motivated to get up and go to the gym but what I do have is a goal, and the dedication to complete it!

The belief that motivation is the only thing keeping you from success is a myth. 

It's time to re-think our ideas of what motivation is and how it works. We can have moments of motivation where we feel energized and ready to handle it all, but it's quick to leave. Motivation not something we can force upon ourselves and it's not something we can hold onto forever. 

What you CAN control is your dedication. 

You can control if you're going to do it ANYWAYS. You control whether or not you're going to be the type of person who refuses to give up just because you don't wanna do it that day. 

When you set a goal,  that goal needs to mean enough to YOU to achieve it.

That takes dedication, not motivation.

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