WWMW Ep. 8 : I Am Not Here To Make You Happy


For the last six years, the primary objective in my business has been to provide my clients with images that would make them happy, and an experience that would make them feel great and want to keep coming back!

A few months ago, I launched Screw The Struggle, which teaches models and photographers how to go full-time and how to have a profitable, long-term career. With this change in priority, I've learned two very important lessons.

The first, not everyone is ready for this type of program. Screw the Struggle is for people who are ready to do the hard work required to go full time.
This is not the endgame.
This is the beginning of a new adventure!

Secondly, I am not here to make the people in Screw The Struggle happy. When I started, I was running the program with the same mindset and priorities I had for my photography business - to keep my clients happy. But I came to the realization that by keeping people happy, it meant I was keeping them comfortable, and when people are comfortable, they don't grow. They no longer test limits and push past those limits.

You can't grow your success without being uncomfortable.


My job with Screw The Struggle is to keep people in an uncomfortable space to help them grow. Self-reflection is terrifying and deeply uncomfortable, but it makes you look at what you're doing and ask yourself the tough questions - What do I need to change?

What am I afraid of?

What is stopping me from realizing my dreams?


You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable if you want to keep growing.


Stop giving yourself an excuse to fail.


As always, if you loved this Work With Me Wednesday, please let me know! I'll see you next week!

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