WWMW Ep. 5 : The Social Media Shutdown


In today's Work With Me Wednesday, I want to talk to you about the recent Social Media Shutdown.

Last week, Facebook, Instagram, and Google SHUT DOWN right in the middle of prime traffic time and it was pandemonium!  My news feed was completely filled with business owners who felt lost, terrified, and confused. 

It was a prime example of why we cannot solely rely on our social media profiles to keep us up and running!

Of course, I still use social media daily with the goal of making my business discoverable! I mean, why wouldn't you utilize sites that bring in millions of people per day? It just makes sense! However, I've made sure that I am utilizing other tools and platforms that allow my business to continue to run smoothly without them.

So, ask yourself - If Instagram, Facebook, IGTV, Youtube, Twitter, etc.. shut down tomorrow, would you still have a business? 

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